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Are you an Explorer of

Consciousness, Quantum
Theory, Quantum Reality, Spirituality, Philosophy,
Sociology or Cutting Edge
Theoretical Physics?

Grand UniVerse is a



A Journey Through

Space, Time and


Have you ever

What Preceded The
Big Bang?

What is Consciousness?

What is Space-Time?

What is a Universe?

What is God ..Really?



...of the Illusions of Reality
by the Mechanism of
Foundational Existence!

When Inertia acts upon itself,
it generates an imbalance
and a seeking of 
Equivalence within itself..

As a Dynamic Function in Self Encounter, the Will of Inertia acting upon itself poses the Eternal Question;

"What is"

And its answer
returns as;

"I Am!"

As Foundational Consciousness Emanating as The Cosmos!

Why Inertia?

The Mechanism of Existence is what we conceive as Space and Time in Interpenetrative Directionless Flow ..and that is what Inertia is. 

As the Substructure of "Reality", Existence is in constant self - encounter, generating "localities" of itself, within which constructs of EM Radiations and Mass are formed of the interpenetrative force (Inertia in Self-Encounter) that Space-Time is. 

As the Mechanism of the Flow of Consciousness..
Inertia is Matter's
Memory of itself!

That is why objects always display Rudimentary Awareness, why they keep moving until stopped by an "outside" force or remain stubbornly at rest until moved.

Unique Literary
Creations from

Cutting Edge

Grand UniVerse Presents 
Some of the Most Brilliant Minds on our planet in the fields of Consciousness, Spirituality, Quantum Theory, Quantum Reality, and Cutting Edge Theoretical Physics

In the past few years, many 
Theoreticians have found a 
Common Foundational 
Cosmic Structure
  from which all of these 
Fields Emerge

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We are One!
Poignant and Stirring
Cosmic Poetry


The Tension of the Whole upon Itself Generates a Multiplicity
of Diversities Within Itself..

Isaac Newton pondered a function of the Calculus known as a Fluxion, a Sizeless, Spaceless, Instantaneous Mathematical Structure undivided from itself. Even as such an infinitesimal Iota, without size or externality, a Wholeness is always curved and may only be Measured with transcendent numbers such as PI.

During Measurement, there is always a dynamic remainder, demonstrating that a Wholeness is always Greater than the Sum of its Parts, always in "Flow" within itself.

This Unique Attribute creates Imbalance seeking Equivalence, generating Dynamic Self-Interaction and continuous diversification of its Infrastructure. 

The Universe that we perceive is such a Totality, a "Fluxion" as a Mathematical Mind emanating within our sensory view as the Cosmos, a Function of Wholeness generating Directionless Flow within and of Itself, creating Diversified and Interpenetrative Realities through
our perception!

To Neurological Life Forms, (such as we), undivided from and dwelling within, the infrastructure of the Cosmic Fluxion appears as a World of Time, Space, Physical Motion, Energy and Matter.

(Foundational Consciousness)

as The Universal Mind, interprets its own thoughts to generate the Physical Reality that we perceive!


Learn the Secrets
of Creation!

Read Grand



Learn the Secrets
of Creation!

Read Grand





Spirit And Sky Top Site Award 2004
Spirit And Sky
Top Spiritual Site

"Void and Darkness was upon
 the Face of the Deep..


and the Spirit of God moved upon
 the Face of the Waters..”


The ultimate questions are and always have been,

What is a Universe?
(What are we born into?)


Why does it come about?
(and why are we here?)

Join us on our trek through the Grand Universe
of Primary Consciousness and envision true
Existence at the Quantum Level


Explore the unity and duality of the Universal 
and learn the deeper meaning of 
Einstein's famous equation


Discover the relationships between Time, Space,
Energy, Matter, Inertia, Gravity and
Consciousness at both the Quantum
and Classical Levels


Why Grand Universe?

                     When I was twelve years old, late one night while struggling through my homework with the gods of general math and Euclidean geometry, it came to me. I drew an equilateral triangle and then another inverted inside of the first and I immediately saw that the inverted triangle was exactly one half the size of the first and so I drew another inside of that and then another. I then drew a circle around each triangle and then quite unexpectedly, like an electrical flash, Zeno's Paradox rent my linear thought asunder to reveal in all of its elliptical glory a vortex of irrational numbers and every element of the attractive and opposing relationships between Space, Time, Matter, Energy and Motion. From that time forward I found no rest ..the quest of a lifetime had begun. 

                     Soon after I began to realize that a central essence of being, a pure consciousness, was the common denominator behind each and all of these phenomena. If the Universe could arise from nothingness I thought, then perhaps nothingness is not what we think it is. If we analyze our conception of nothingness we must conclude that it is a curved unifield, a vacuous concavity undivided from itself and is therefore a wholeness., and where the Universe is concerned ..it is the only wholeness there is. 

                      Now a wholeness, in order to be whole must have an intrinsic tension that keeps it undivided from itself. Building from that simple understanding, the next question arose; "Could that tension, besides maintaining the wholeness as a unified field, also act upon itself to create diversity within this symmetry?" ..and then of course PI emerged out of this thought as the answer, for if a wholeness is a totality, how can it be that when measured, a part of it always escapes the measurement? This remainder through the finest of calculations always persists, even to the point of infinity. 

                     The paradox is that a wholeness when measured, it is always greater than the sum of its parts. The answer to this enigma is that a wholeness is intrinsically dynamic -  always undergoing change, and its dynamism is in fact an expression of that very tension that maintains the wholeness as a totality ..and that tension is also what the wholeness is constructed of ..and therefore, the nature, potential and energetic impulse of a wholeness is always hidden within itself, as a noumenon concealed within its phenomena.

                     So aside from that static snapshot that we have in our minds of what a wholeness ..or nothingness would be, there is that hidden dimension of energetic dualism of which most of us are unaware. Simply described, it is a mathematical function; a Fluxion, an infinitesimal Iota acting upon and creating a world of itself. The tension of a wholeness upon itself constantly generates a multiplicity of diversities within itself., and that means that as it acts upon itself, it transforms into an infrastructure of itself. The cause of the wholeness is therefore expressed as its effect!

                      What is that cause? It is Consciousness, the inertial willfulness of the Universal Mind in its pure form. It is dynamical tension creating imbalance within itself that seeks equivalence ..and that process is what interprets itself as "world" through the perception of life forms it has created within and of itself. It is the question of nothingness, a potential, that contains and seeks its own answer of existence, as the virtual moment of all reality.

                      What is that effect? It is what we see and surmise through our classical view of our world and the Cosmos ..and then beyond. The tension of wholeness flows through the wholeness like a directionless river, affecting every part of the infrastructure. What we call nothing then, is actually a hyperbolic zero! ..a MathMass in transition. It is an elliptical point of intrinsic stress .. a Willfulness acting upon and expressing within itself an infinite variation of its own tension seeking a balanced state. 

                       Perceived from within by neuroceptors such as we, it appears as a normal totality of existence, as the Universe. The flow of tension is a directionless exchange of information creating polarities within the infrastructure that attract and oppose to act upon each other, further diversifying the flow. The directionless flow is what we conceive as Space-Time and the diversification of this flow is what we perceive as the Gravity Complex of the relationships between Space and Time, Energy and Matter. Through our own neurological synthesis, (our translation through senses and brain), we interpret this exchange of data as the flow of Time, Motion and Form.

                        The effect is always one of duality because a wholeness always acts upon itself, and as it does, each part engaged is affected differently and therefore infinite diversity is created within - thus the use of the term "trans-emanation" within this writing, which means "cause diversifying as effect".

                         Now you may wonder how I came to the idea that the tension of wholeness is what pure consciousness is? The answer lies in the intrinsic nature of tension. Tension or cause, is willful ..and its diversifying effects are willful as well. The effects of the tension of wholeness that we are easily able to perceive display first and foremost an authority that is undeniable. Time proceeds, Gravity attracts, Inertia governs, Matter exists and Energy flows. All of these effects display willfulness and are the manifest phenomena of a singular cause acting upon itself, expressing within and of itself as sub - atomic particles; atom, electron, neutron, proton, wave, electric charge, velocity, causality, current, momentum, acceleration, deceleration, locality, non-locality, continuity, structure, existence and finally, life! We are constructed of these very forces, and it is from such singular willfulness subordinated through evolution that we each derive our own localized consciousness. We are each an undivided soul of this wholeness, each a child of "God", looking back upon it as "world". We are each a translation of the Universal Mind, each a tensor within the absolute ..and we see its thoughts as the reality within which we dwell.

                           The reason for our existence is that the Universe, being greater than the sum of its parts, is seeking equivalence to its own self-generated imbalance. We are information gathering phenomena, portals of consciousness that view the Universal Mind in a unique way - through an Animate Interface of senses and brain. We are each an extension of the cause looking back upon its effects. We are impelled to investigate through philosophy, mathematics, religion, theosophy and science the relativity of the effects of the Universal Mind to find its ultimate cause. We experience an overwhelming force of attraction to procreate, to produce the exploratory minds of Einstein, Lorentz, Planck, Mach, Bohr, Newton, Hawking and countless others to further the interpretation and comprehension by the Universe of itself. All of atomic theory, thermo and electrodynamics, every branch of physics and quantum mechanics are geared not only to study the physical world, but the spiritual world as well. Quantum theory especially has opened the door to the development of this new paradigm and having stepped through, neither science nor religion can ever step back.

                            But, we are not just tools of a greater consciousness, as we have free will and self-determination within the constraints of this universal constant, the common spirit from which we each extend. For what purpose then to understand, to further knowledge, if not to grow and eventually, spiritually join the role and responsibility of the Universal Mind? Life, in all its wonder and diversity has but a singular and steady  purpose ..to carry the vision of the Grand Universe into the Grand Universe ..to answer the ultimate questions of purpose, meaning and existence.

Michael Spirit


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